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Your outsourced provider of Hospice

and Palliative Care training to your staff

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Wisdom Tree Institute is founded on the belief that

healing is always possible, even when curing is not.

We believe care for those facing chronic or life threatening illness, can be life affirming and holistic, embracing the physical body, our relationships, our psyche and our spiritual dimensions.  

Our vision is an enhanced model of integrative healthcare in which all branches of medicine and healing arts are respected and utilized by skilled and educated practitioners who are able to incorporate the healing arts into a care plan that is consistent with the recipient's values and goals.


This vision supports best practices and care that is cost effective, personal and comprehensive. 

Our mission is to provide educational opportunities that

promote a better quality of life for patients and practitioners alike. 

Wisdom Tree courses explore the synthesis between ancient and modern healing arts to provide integrative care for patients and families facing chronic or serious illness.

We are committed to transforming the taboos around death and dying by reframing fear and failure, as an opportunity for dynamic healing.  

Wisdom Tree is your outsourced provider of hospice and palliative care training to your staff

  • Our faculty comes to your facility to provide courses.

  • Wisdom Tree courses provide your staff with the knowledge they need to assess and treat patients with serious or chronic illness in any healthcare setting.

  • Choose from multiple programs, created to suit your needs and the needs of your staff.

  • Wisdom Tree courses are hands-on, fun and practical.

  • Students receive the most up-to-date clinical information available for palliative and hospice patients.

  • Students participate in:  Small group work  .  In-depth case studies   .  Communication training

  • All the fees associated with Wisdom Tree's services are the responsibility of your company.

  • You are welcome to offer your staff our courses as in-services or charge tuition.



This can be repeated multiple times over one day to accommodate your staff’s schedule.  


Includes additional intermediate course material for up to 7 hours of coursework in one day.  


An advanced experiential curriculum over a two day or weekend retreat format.  


Includes 3-4 on-site visits each year, and ongoing consultation services.


Credits for nurses, social workers, chaplains and physicians. This program is under development and will be available soon.

"Healing at

the End of Life" 

Wisdom Tree faculty come to your facility to present an introductory event to inspire you and your staff.


This 2 hour event is designed as a participatory evening, carefully guided to help people re-frame the idea of death and dying from failure to success.


This event is available at no cost when you sign a contract with us.


We can also offer this event as a stand alone evening in a public hall or in your facility for a fee.