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Wisdom Tree Institute is founded on the belief that

healing is always possible, even when curing is not.

We believe care for those facing chronic or life threatening illness, can be life affirming and holistic, embracing the physical body, our relationships, our psyche and our spiritual dimensions.  

Our vision is an enhanced model of integrative healthcare in which all branches of medicine and healing arts are respected and utilized by skilled and educated practitioners who are able to incorporate the healing arts into a care plan that is consistent with the recipient's values and goals.


This vision supports best practices and care that is cost effective, personal and comprehensive. 

Our mission is to provide educational opportunities that

promote a better quality of life for patients and practitioners alike. 

Wisdom Tree courses explore the synthesis between ancient and modern healing arts to provide integrative care for patients and families facing chronic or serious illness.

We are committed to transforming the taboos around death and dying by reframing fear and failure, as an opportunity for dynamic healing.  

Wisdom Tree courses are either via video conference

or in-person at your facility. 

Choose from a wide variety of courses to create

a custom program to suit the needs of your staff.  

Wisdom Tree courses provide your staff with the knowledge they need to assess and treat patients with serious or chronic illness in any healthcare setting.

Activities include small group work, in-depth case studies, communication training, based on the most up-to-date clinical information available

All the fees associated with Wisdom Tree's services are the responsibility of your company.

You are welcome to offer your staff our courses as in-services or charge tuition.

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For MD, RN, LVN, SW Chaplain and HHA/CNA

The Integrative Whole Person Care curriculum is designed as a 3 day course to give an overview of the field of Palliative and Hospice theory, assessment, symptom management and communication. 


Level One is now being offered as a one-day unit for a total of 7 CE’s for Registered Nurses, Social Workers, Chaplains, and Home Health Aides.  


Level Two will be available in late 2020. 


For MD, RN, LVN, SW Chaplain and HHA/CNA

Includes 3-4 on-site visits each year, and ongoing consultation services. 


Fill out a needs assessment and schedule a free consultation.


For MD, RN, LVN, SW Chaplain and HHA/CNA

Choose from a wide variety of courses to create a custom program to suit the needs of your staff.


for HHA and CNA

1-2 hour modules designed to train Caregivers in basic Hospice care and principles.



ELNEC is an overview of the field of Palliative and Hospice Care that has been developed over the last 20 years by Nurses for Nurses.


The material is organized in 8 modules that

can be taught as stand-alone or grouped

in any order.


Each module is designed to be taught in 1-2 hours.

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A message from our founders...

We have decided in light of the dynamic changes we are all experiencing due to Covid-19 that it is in everyone’s best interest to postpone any in-person events for the coming weeks. We are currently exploring online teaching platforms. We will publish new dates as soon as we can. Please subscribe for updates at the foot of the page to keep up to date with any changes.

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