About Our Faculty

Margot Vos, RN CHPN

Margot Vos is a Certified Hospice and Palliative Care Nurse (CHPN), a trainer for the End of Life Nursing Education Curriculum (ELNEC), and a Hospice and Palliative Nursing Association (HPNA) Approved Educator. She most recently worked as the Lead RN for the Hospice in the Hospital (HIH) program at Santa Rosa Memorial Hospital - a regional trauma center.  As of October 2019, Margot devotes all her time to program development and teaching with Wisdom Tree Institute.


Margot came to hospice nursing by way of her studies in holistic health and spirituality. Experiencing a near death experience at age 25 helped her to deepen her life-long interest in spirituality, healing, and life-after-death. Margot has studied with a variety of spiritual teachers from different world religions, including Christianity, Hinduism, Buddhism, and Feministic Earth Based Spirituality.


Margot apprenticed as an energy healer with Joy Gardner from 1992 – 1995. Joy developed a healing system called Vibrational Healing which helps patients find the underlying cause of illness and find healing from within. Margot earned her degree as a Certified Vibrational Healer in 1994 then trained in Reiki Healing with Marilyn Miller DC. She was initiated as a Reiki Master and instructor in 1996. Margot taught Reiki healing at Alive and Well Massage School, while maintaining a private practice helping people with serious illness.


After the birth of her daughter in 2001, Margot returned to school and earned her nursing degree at Santa Rosa Junior College. Margot completed nursing school in 2005 and has worked as a nurse case manager for home health or hospice since 2008. Margot’s work embodies all the disciplines she has studied as she helps her patients and their families face the unknown with dignity and grace.


Margot founded Wisdom Tree Institute as a means of bridging the gap between Western Medical practices and the many faceted arms of integrative health. She has a deep-seated passion for building bridges between Holistic Health principles and Western Medicine. She is honored to be able to bring together this amazing group of healers to share wisdom and knowledge with other medical professionals.  Margot feels the time has come to heal our broken health system and the staff and faculty of Wisdom Tree Institute hopes to play our part in this grand adventure!

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Andrew Wagner, MD

Dr. Andrew Wagner is a Board Certified Family Physician as well as being Board Certified as a Hospice and Palliative Care Physician.  He graduated medical school from the University of California at Irvine and completed his Family Medicine Residency at San Jose Hospital, affiliated with Stanford University.   Dr. Wagner worked at Kaiser Permanente in Santa Rosa California for almost 15 years where he served in various roles including the Chief of the Family Medicine Department and the Chief of Physician Continuing Medical Education and Patient Education.  He also served as one of the core physicians providing care to patients with AIDS during the crisis years and was a member of their ethics committee.   He left Kaiser in 2000, to pursue a practice in Integrative Medicine, and studied with Rachel Remen, MD of the Institute for the Study Health and Illness, ISHI.  He has been a co-facilitator for a 25 year ongoing physician group, “Finding Meaning in Medicine”.    


Dr. Wagner has studied Interactive Guiding Imagery and uses this unique tool for empowering patients in their own healing process.  For the last 10 years Dr. Wagner has been working at Memorial Hospice in Santa Rosa, and doing palliative care consultations at Santa Rosa Memorial Hospital, a regional trauma center.  He is the physician facilitator for the Schwartz Rounds and Co-Director of the Ethics Resource Service.   


Dr. Wagner has lectured widely on communication issues and palliative medicine/hospice care, and one of his central themes is “Healing at the End of Life”.  Serving people and their families in times of crises and decision making, is a sacred calling.  The foundation of this work is the creation of a safe space to explore fears, limitations, hopes, and aspirations with both courage and curiosity.  Ultimately, we may not be able to heal our physical bodies, but our relationships, our psyche, our spiritual selves remain available for healing and wholeness.   


Dr Wagner has been at the bedside, and in the homes of many, as together they navigate this process.  His ongoing aspiration is to share his knowledge and experiences, teaching and mentoring those who share the call of caring for people struggling with life threatening illness, with knowledge, compassion and empathy.  

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J. Phillip Jones, MA LMHC

J. Phillip Jones is a holistic psychotherapist, a seasoned spiritual counselor, and rites of passage facilitator. He is the author of Transcendence: Finding Peace at the End of Life (Mandala Publishing 2019). Phillip’s undergraduate studies in science and engineering led him to the fields of psychology, philosophy and religion to find complementary answers to life’s pressing questions. 


Leaving a high-paying job in systems engineering at a nuclear submarine base, Phillip opted for seventeen years of spiritual study and discipline as a Hindu monk.  In the early 90’s he organized over a dozen North American Interfaith Conferences to make the universal wisdom teachings of these traditions available to the public. 


Phillip began an intensive study of Carl Jung’s teachings in 1993, and later incorporated Jung’s personality insights with principles of indigenous Medicine Wheels. This developed into the Life Wheels Model which helps a person to find their ‘life purpose’ vocation and how it fits into the larger circles of family, community, business, etc. Phillip is nearing completion of a new book entitled ‘The Four Seeds of Greatness’ which incorporates essential teachings of the Life Wheel Model.  



Phillip’s work with people of all ages in successfully navigating rites of passages has led him to develop a Four Stages of Life Model which can help a person balance the physical, social, psychological and spiritual tasks relevant to each stage.  The transition points between the life stages can become times for quantum growth versus points of psychic breakdown.  The Four Stages of Life Model honors the individuality and the interconnectedness of each person which reflects the ancient wisdom of spiritual traditions as well as the particle/wave metaphor of modern quantum physics.


Phillip served as the senior spiritual counselor for Hospice of Hilo on the Big Island of Hawaii for over 13 years. He currently works with Mandala Publishing, Earth Aware Editions and the Mandala Springs Retreat Center (mandala.org) in Northern California. 

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